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Call Whisper

Call Whisper

Call Whisper

Call Whisper, also known as call screening, is a calling feature that is often used by companies with multiple trading names or for home workers who want to identify 'work' calls.

Whisper appears as a feature on some carriers non-geographic telephone number solutions (these solutions are also known as cloud or hosted inbound call handling platforms). Whisper simply plays a message to the called party when they have answered the call, during which time the calling party continues to hear ringing, so prior to the call being dealt with by that called party. They can also identify the caller by their Caller ID number or answer the phone in an appropriate manner for the nature of the call or regarding the number that has been dialled. Currently this feature is available to activate for all new and some existing customers numbers.

Call Whisper service will play a standard or your pre-recorded message to you as the recipient of the incoming call thus allowing you to distinguish between incoming private and business calls or between trading names. The caller will just hear the phone ringing and so would be unaware that the feature is active. Recording a custom Whisper is very easy using your computer or any other equipment capable of recording WAV format sound file/s.

Call Whisper / Call Screening
Use a default call whisper message or record your own personal call whisper message. Call whisper will automatically connect the call to you after the Whisper message is played, you can choose to have the option to reject the call if you prefer, where the call can then route to voicemail or to another destination.

Note this feature is chargeable & there are other ways of achieving a brand strengthening solution.

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