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Multi-Channel Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Experience a seamless and captivating customer journey with our intuitive and user-friendly design. Increase your uptake and completion rates while reinforcing your brand values across multiple channels.

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Multi-Channel Surveys

Capture customer satisfaction and feedback across various channels such as voice, email, chat, social media, web, SMS, and review sites, all in one convenient platform. Customise campaigns for post-interaction evaluation or effortlessly manage them through bulk uploads.<

Post-Call Surveys

Capture valuable customer feedback by seamlessly transferring customer calls to an automated IVR survey. Our intuitive system asks a series of insightful questions and captures customers' exact comments. Rest assured, we meticulously track agent performance, customer preferences, and other pertinent details within the comprehensive customer survey record.

Real-Time Wallboards

Our wallboards receive real-time updates of all customer scores and their verbatim comments. Create a series of live views to effortlessly monitor the Voice of your Customer (VoC), with an array of over 20 unique CSAT widgets at your disposal.

SMS Campaigns

We have the capability to create SMS campaigns that allow for direct management of questions and answers through SMS messaging. Alternatively, we can also set up SMS campaigns with an embedded hyperlink that leads to a customizable web-based survey.

Text Analytics

Our cutting-edge sentiment analysis technology allows us to effortlessly detect both positive and negative feedback from customers. In addition, our innovative keyword tables enable us to identify any complaints, commendations for our agents, and other important topics that capture our attention.

Digital Channels

Unlock the power of digital channels with our versatile marketing campaigns. From email to Live Chat, Social Media to Web channels, we've got you covered. Customize your web-based surveys with a variety of question types and stylish branding options.

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