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Routing 08 calls to Mobile

Routing 08 calls to Mobile

Routing 08 calls to Mobile

So long as we know in advance (otherwise we may need to port/move your number to another carrier in order to be able to offer you mobile routing) we can route any 08, 09 or 03 virtual number calls to any mobile anywhere in the UK or abroad.

Callers to your 08/03/09 number would have no way of knowing that their call was being routed to a mobile even one abroad, basically we can deliver calls wherever you need us to - but tell us in advance of choosing your numbers as some carriers simply can't offer this feature on their platform yet (because of billing issues usually), so we need to ensure we go to one that can in the first place. Usually we will choose Vodafone or Gamma for a mobile terminating feature.

We can route 08 numbers to a UK mobile with no charge per minute to you to receive these calls, you just need to pay a fixed rental each month, callers will use the 0871 so will be contributing to the cost to terminate to a UK mobile.

This feature can be used in conjunction with:

Day/Date Call Routing
Time of Day Call Routing
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Black/White Call Routing

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Advanced Daily/Weekly Inbound Call Statistics

Or many other inbound features to achieve the full inbound call control you require.

For more details and to speak to us directly call us free now on 0800 692 7000 or email new@08uk.co.uk so we can call you back.