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Black/White List Call Routing

Black/White List Call Routing

Black/White List Call Routing

Want to stop a number or person calling from your virtual 08/03 number from ever being able to call your office number ever again? Would you like to disable all incoming calls from a particular mobile?

Is your organisation getting nuisance calls? One guy is repeated calling his ex-girlfriend (your employee), she wants the business to stop this caller from getting through.

In these instances you need to apply a feature called black listing. Using this helpful feature it is possible to block incoming calls to your number. You can use block or blacklist feature in the plan to stop/block any incoming calls on your number from ever getting through to lines/agents in the office.

What makes blocking even better than call barring is that it allows you to have an "allowed list" that will not be blocked from contacting you, in fact this list can be given a unique perhaps improved response, this can be applied as a useable feature.

This incoming call block feature was designed to block call (s) from ringing your phone. In Blacklist feature mode, this incoming call blocker device will block number/s. There is no limit to the specific telephone numbers, prefixes or entire area codes to be stopped.

This means that people who are important may be allowed to make incoming calls to you without any problems. Aside from the allowed list, you can also choose to set the blocking all the time, or set specific time periods for it.

Call Blocker Uses Blacklist / Whitelist Feature

Perhaps alternatively you would you like to positively prioritise one call from everyone else, giving that person calling a unique experience, perhaps a unique welcome that mentions their name then send the call through to the Sales Director for instance?

Using a whitelist call handling feature - all this and more is possible. In Whitelist mode, the plan will only ring your phone(s) when specific phone(s) numbers or area codes call you. This call blocker can also block "Private", "Unknown", "Out of Area" and "Anonymous" calls from callers.

This helpful solution can help to increase productivity and privacy in households & workplaces.

Stop calls from nuisance callers, telemarketers, junk faxes, charity/non-profit organizations, political fundraising or announcements, polls/surveys, collection agents, banks, lawyers, hospitals, credit cards companies, and many more.

This feature can be used in conjunction with:

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Or many other inbound features to achieve the full inbound call control you require.

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