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Unanswered Calls Routing

Unanswered Calls Routing

Unanswered Calls Routing

Unanswered, as it suggests, means that a caller dialling a number actually gives up trying to get their call answered.

A monthly statistical report should inform you accurately on how many calls you have not answered. Did you review the abandoned calls report last month?

Whilst we appreciate that no matter how many lines or staff in your team you may have it still may be possible for you to miss a few calls.

This is not the same as a busy tone – where all lines are in use. Business phone lines reaching capacity will always give the caller an engaged tone response. This is down to staff not picking up the call that is ringing on an unused line.

Also known as abandoned, this not the caller getting an engaged tone, this is the caller simply giving up waiting (whilst the line is simply ringing out) because no-one has answered the call.

Using Virtual Business Numbers effectively means your supplier should be helping you by building the inbound call plan to can ensure that any callers never actually ever hear that unanswered simply ringing out response.

The call plan can do this by taking the call, after that time period of say 5 rings usually (which takes around 10 seconds) somewhere else i.e to another line/number, to a voicemail or third party call centre, where the call is then answered.

Even if this exit is a recording stating that the caller needs to phone back or email – this is still much better than an ignored unanswered ringing out, no response which just leaves the caller, your potential customer feeling unvalued or ignored.

So after 10 seconds if the call has not answered, the call exists to another team/person who will then quickly answer the call.

So we can route calls on engaged or unanswered to;- another landline, on to a mobile number, to a recording, or to a voicemail, or to a 3rd part call centre.

We can offer features like queuing that can also assist with too many calls, queuing does this by holding the callers in a ordered que on-net i.e on the number, so not on/using your phone lines.

We can inform each caller of their position in the que, on-going and play a marketing message/recording to those waiting.

Handling unanswered or abandoned calls is easy with 08UK when you use; 0800, 0333, 0845, 0844, 0871 business telephone numbers.

This is just one inbound call handling feature that can be used in conjunction with many others:-

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Or many other inbound features to achieve the full inbound call control you require.

For more details and to speak to us directly call us free now on 0800 692 7000 or email new@08uk.co.uk so we can call you back.