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Multilingual Translation

Develop multichannel campaigns harnessing Automated Translation capabilities across more than 100 languages.

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Interactive Analysis

Facilitate seamless tracking of customer comments across multiple languages, with automated translation to English. Foreign language comments will feature country flags for instant toggling between native and English text.

Automated Sentiment

Enhance our automated sentiment engine to encompass multilingual feedback by translating foreign language comments. This ensures accurate sentiment analysis for all reviews and comments, irrespective of language.

Text Analytics

Expand our suite of text analytics tools, including Word Clouds and Keyword Tracking widgets, to support multilingual campaigns. Users can effortlessly evaluate and compare text analytics across over 100 languages through translation.

Tabular Views

Preserve both native language comments and their English translations. Users can easily access both versions.

Engagement & Replies

Empower agents to engage with customers proficiently in their preferred language. Agents can seamlessly switch between English and foreign text, creating responses in English translating at the touch of a button.

On-Demand Reporting

Enable users to review comments across multiple languages by defaulting to English text in standard reports. Alternatively, users can filter and display native or foreign language comments as per preference.

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