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Call Queuing

Call Queuing

Call Queuing

Yes we can offer you call queuing, no problem at all! Note, there is usually a charge for this service. We can add call queuing to any existing call plan (notice required) by activating that feature per online account, this means that the charge for this service is spread across all the numbers in that account, so queuing can be added to one or all numbers in that account.

Complex call plans that involve call queuing set the number of calls to be held as maximum in the queue and then what each caller experiences on their individual call will depend upon the position in the queue the fall in to.

We recommend that call waiting times and call answering times are monitored closely as in general callers do not mind queuing for certain services provided the queue time is relatively short. When clients are queuing on various numbers (take new numbers or port existing 08 numbers to us, then add this feature) revenue can also be generated which can help to pay towards the charge for this feature.

It is always better to have your callers queuing in the cloud on-net at carrier level (on the 08 number) rather building this feature on to your phone system at a particular site. To read why & to learn more about inbound cloud call services, click here. Call queuing can only assist you if calls are dealt with relatively quickly and whilst they are on hold (in the queue) the call plan can actually compliment your services to each client by playing the caller a queuing message also known as 'on-hold messages' or 'marketing messages'.

These can be helpful to inform callers of issues or for instance to inform the caller that the function/support they require is available via your website, this message can also advise of potential waiting times given the queue position.

As all caller's experiences are crucial to the perceived quality of your company, it is obviously better to place them in a short queue rather than turn the caller away if those are the only two options. How you deal with any given call could have an effect on a potential sale, so when considering callers needs you are looking for the confidence to know that adding queuing is not going to just annoy callers.

Unifying & controlling exactly every call path in to your company you can ensure you give customers the best experience - no matter what your circumstances at any given moment. Why not tell us your thoughts/plans & we can confirm instantly if we can build the exact call plan with or without on-net queuing & maybe we can build it all for you for free too.

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