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International Call Routing

International Call Routing

International Call Routing

No problem at all for us to offer you the international call routing feature on any or all of your virtual numbers.

We need to know in advance (otherwise we may need to port/move your number to another carrier) in order to be able to offer you international termination of new UK business 08, 09 or 03 virtual numbers.

Callers to such numbers would have no way of knowing that the call was being routed abroad & we can deliver calls using our international major tier1 partners to any landline or mobile anywhere in the world.

You can have just certain options from an IVR menu route abroad, such as 'choose 2 to speak to our finance team' or all calls, the choice is yours.

We can also in some instances (for high call volumes) quote two rates one for whilst the calls/minutes are on-net (on the portal listening to IVR options) & a 2nd charge for delivered minutes to the international destination. This is better than paying for any minute/s on-net at an international termination rate.

Choosing an 0871 or 09 number could be wise if you are looking for the caller to contribute towards the cost of terminating/routing the call abroad.

This feature can be used in conjunction with:

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Or many other inbound features to achieve the full inbound call control you require.

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