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Advanced Daily/Weekly Statistics

Advanced Daily/Weekly Statistics

Advanced Daily/Weekly Statistics

One of the best ways to monitor the performance of your entire call centre team is by using inbound call statistics with which businesses can achieve indicate patters and trends and allow for improvements to be made and monitored. Business telephone numbers receive calls, a significant amount of useful data can be gathered by analysing inbound call statistics for these numbers. Many businesses already take advantage of advanced daily weekly call statistics in their daily operation and for administration.

Such daily, weekly call statistics data helps when making decisions as to the number of staff required to deal with the volume and the adequacy of the telephone system & lines in dealing with inbound and of course outgoing calls too.
Missed calls represent a loss of custom and so revenue, businesses take tackling their numbers very seriously and with call statistics it is possible monitor accurately. Inbound statistics are frequently use to influence changes in company policy.

Call statistics are collectible with varying degrees of specificity and it is possible to monitor staff performance at an individual level as well as gathering more general data regarding call volumes and lengths within the business as a whole. It is possible to total up the duration of typical calls, as well as tracking where a majority of the calls are routed in order to address any issues with efficiency in distribution. Telephone systems which route inbound callers based on their choice of calling options via their (DTMF) key pad choices can also have chosen options statistics gathered too.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menus can unify and regulate simple options to assist customers to select the correct teams. Statistics also indicate the origin of each call and the percentage of calls from landlines and mobile phones.

Review Success of Advertising Campaign
Through inbound call statistics, it is easy to gauge the success of a promotional campaign. All this feedback enables organisations to determine intelligent routing and call handling options. Statistics help to automatically create a customer database. In addition, it helps determine staffing levels, the number of lines required and balances inbound traffic based on those lines. Organisations can allocate individual numbers for each of their advertising and marketing activities. In this way, it is easy to monitor inbound call statistics for each campaign and analyse statistical feedback on a regular basis. Most importantly, it enables companies to eliminate those campaigns that do not perform well and increase exposure on those that offer the best return on investment..

Call Statistics are available on all number ranges including 0800 numbers, 0845 numbers and 0844 numbers. Inbound call statistics include missed calls which are important for an organisation to determine whether it is losing any business. As part of an advertising or marketing campaign, it is essential to ensure that calls are answered. Any missed calls are monitored along with the date and time, duration the customer waited for the call to be answered, and the caller ID. In addition, statistics help determine any congestion in the telephone lines where routing can be reconfigured accordingly.

These features are also available on Freephone 0800 numbers, 0845, 0844 or 0871 or indeed premium 09 numbers.

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Are you unable to gain insight into your inbound calls? Are you thinking you are missing calls but with your current set-up you are unable to know just how many? Do you have enough lines to deal with inbound and of course outgoing calls too?

Do you want to revue busy periods to adjust staffing levels? Well OK when are you busiest days/months or hour periods then?

This feature can be used in conjunction with:

Day/Date Call Routing
Time of Day Call Routing
Welcome IVR Messages
Engaged Calls Routing
Unanswered Call Routing
Dead Tone Call Routing

Inbound Call Queuing

Black/White Call Routing

Postcode Area / Territory Routing

Area/Town/County Call Routing

Percentage Call Routing

Inbound Call Recording

Or many other inbound features to achieve the full inbound call control you require.

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