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Meet the 08UK Team

Meet the 08UK Team

Meet the 08UK Team

Who We Are

Our Senior Team

Tynan O'Hara, our Sales Director, has been with us since the inception of the 08UK brand.

He has over fifteen years working in direct field sales with the majority of that time spent in the telecoms & energy (business utilities) sector having previously worked directly or indirectly for a many UK Energy companies. Tynan actually formed the relationships we have with the tier1 carriers which span over ten years with & including; Vodafone, Virgin Media Business, BT & Gamma.

He started out in sales as an independent energy sales broker arranging business contracts in the first years of business electricity deregulation.

Known for his array of multi-coloured post-sticks on his desk, Tynan is always happy to receive calls comments from our clients. You can call Tynan using 07787 958900 or if you would prefer you can email him using tynan@08uk.co.uk

Sally Smith, our Finance & Operations Director, has spent seven wonderfully effective years with 08UK now.

Having previously worked for Virgin, NCR & CPM Events, Sally vast experience means she is well used to delivering international solutions on time & within budget.

Sally heads up our finance & billing team and monitors the performance of the tier1 carriers. Sally overseas all aspect of billing & operations, searching for where there is room for improvement.

Known for her immaculate desk, Sally is always very busy but still ensures she finds time to deal with any comments from our clients.

Sally liaises with some clients still directly in her friendly & efficient manner. If you have any finance or operations related problems you can always email her using sally@08uk.co.uk

08 UK Team Players

Emma, Operations Support.
Emma's been with us since 2016. She focuses on all things administrative and operational, she may be contacted using operations@08uk.co.uk as she is forever supporting our client's needs.
Operations administration as the title suggests means Emma does not usually talk directly to all our clients but never the less she is a valued member of our team whom works remotely predominantly now post Covid 19.

Sean, Digital Communications Officer.
His role within the 08UK team focuses on all things SEO, Social or Digital. He is only available on e-mail, using new@08uk.co.uk. He is focused on simply adding value to our websites offerings to help us get more presence socially to win more business. As the title suggests Sean does not engage directly with all our clients, but if we can help with anything digital, Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, everything SEO, Web Chat & Dynamic FAQ & New product development, his knowledge could be very helpful to our business clients. Were always glad to help & link where-ever we can.

Mike, National Sales Account Manager.
"10 years now with 08UK time has just flown by’" says Mike, "I must be enjoying myself’". A senior sales account manager Mike is busy most days looking after clients changing challenges. Mike believes it is important to have the time to allocate resources as & when needed to support our customers. Typically in the telecoms industry account managers rarely or never usually have any time to be pro-active & this is where we hope to exceed expectations. Mike is contactable using mike@08uk.co.uk.

Stephen, Digital Operations Manager.
His role within the 08UK team focuses on all things web and digital plus he is there to support client's technical needs. You can request operations support from Stephen using operations@08uk.co.uk
All of our team allocate ownership of support tickets as we believes it is important to have ownership and resource when clients need us, we are here to support you.

‘’15 years now it has been working with 08UK, we are a good team of experienced people’’.