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Time of Day Call Routing

Time of Day Call Routing

Time of Day Call Routing

The first impression you give of your company is crucially important, especially if the call is a new sales call. If no-one answers the phone (it just rings out) it could very realistically result in the loss of a potentially very profitable sale.

Thinking about the callers experience at every possible day of the year (& week & hour of the day) in advance means you can anticipate calls & what each call maybe trying to achieve. Then knowing how your staff & company works means we can help you to implement a robust and exhausted call plan/s that will compliment your services & really leave your callers thinking that their call really does matter to you. It's all very well stating in a Welcome IVR Message, 'we value your call', but then if you are just putting the call through to a department where no-one then answers that call, all you will achieve is alienation of the caller.

Answering calls made at different times of the day correctly or dealing with certain calls on certain days of the week can be very important obviously. Handling calls made during holiday periods or when departments are closed &/or on bank holidays or over Christmas or Easter can reflect on the quality of the company. All this can be pre-programmed literally years in advance.

This is what this; time of day, day of week, call routing feature is all about. This feature is split into different elements that combined all amount to the same thing; the callers experience at different times/days.

You can build separate call plans that will apply themselves to controlling the routing of your numbers automatically based on the timeline schedule set up.

This is basic but fundamental stuff, that many over-look, an answer phone is simply not good enough anymore. It is better to have clarified what the caller should expect before they experience it.

This on-net recording feature can be used in conjunction with:

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Or many other inbound features to achieve the full inbound call control you require.

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