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Area/Town/County Geo Routing

Area/Town/County Geo Routing

Area/Town/County Geo Routing

Any call coming from a traditional single line, ISDN or I.P line that is being made from a physical geographical code reflects it is coming from a specific area in the UK.

Based on the callers CLI, the Call Line Identity number, a call on to your virtual number can be routed through the inbound call routing plan to the best place or person whom can handle that call.

So any call from an 0161 number will then be routed to the correct Manchester branch, whom could also handle calls from 01204 Bolton, 01254 Blackburn which are close i.e within the Greater Manchester area. Calls from 01925 & 0151 similarly can go to the Liverpool office.

Any virtual 08 or 03 business phone number that is running/operating a complex geographical, town, city, postcode or otherwise area based inbound call plan is then able to use this plan to route/distribute calls to different lines/locations according to where the call has actually come from.

If the call has come from a location (the location is based on the number that is displayed to our virtual plan) it can be routed accordingly.

So put quite simply this feature routes calls to your office locations (or DDI’s) based entirely on the callers CLI i.e the assumed location of the line/number they are calling from.

A business using SIP lines could cause calls to be messed up as the head office where perhaps the lines are located is where the calls would break-out from, where-as this may not be the location of the caller.

Calls from Mobiles, Unidentified & International calling destinations have to be dealt with separately within the routing plan.

To compliment this feature, you can also use Black/White call routing to bespoke route callers to their previous dealt with depot.

Advanced platform options can allow a selected TV Region, Postcode Territory, Town, City, County or even Postcode territories to route calls down an inbound call path.

TV Region or Postcode Area Call Routing
Using these features national marketing campaigns can allow for the separation of responses by TV region, where each region routes the calls it receives to a dedicated DDI within your office (where it can then be identified correctly), we can be add this to your call plan usually without any charge.

Town, City, County – Inbound Call Routing
It is relatively easy to identify the location of the cli calling your virtual number & each cli is allocated to an exact location in the UK, so obviously all 0161 callers are calling from Manchester. Any of these area specific routing options can be applied relatively easily & usually without any charges.

This feature can be used in conjunction with:

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Or many other inbound features to achieve the full inbound call control you require.

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