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Day of Week Date Call Routing

Day of Week Date Call Routing

Day of Week Date Call Routing

“What day is Susan in next please?” OR “What days do the accounts team work, only I just tried them & no-one is answering?” OR Is there anyone available with-in the returns team today, it is just ringing out?

Does your team get these kind of questions at all. The idealistic answer is no, a realistic truthful answer is – yes sometimes we do have those conversations. They are very common yet often are an unnecessary waste of both parties time.

Weekday and Day/Weekend inbound call handling routing

Time and Day Call Routing allows you to apply a clever feature which will control incoming calls to different destinations at different times of the day and on different days of the week. You can instantly change these parameters for full and instant control.

It also allows call center managers to specify call management processes during predictable business operations such as open and closed times, times of the day when incoming calls are high or we can choose to route all or some calls to mobiles or a voicemail when a team member/s are out of the office or temporarily unavailable.

What exactly is Day/ Date based call routing anyway?

Being prepared to be flexible when you need it gives great advantages. If your team are out of the office, or indeed if the call is being made when your offices are quite simply closed. Time and Date inbound feature automatically routes your inbound calls based on predefined parameters such as the exact time, day of week, week of the year, public holidays.

Then depending on your business’s requirements, how you want us to route these calls to your team is entirely up to you. Moreover, if you run a business with designated office hours, Date and Time routing enables you to automatically route your incoming calls to other locations or a third part support service, during your out-of-office hours. We will simply set up your operating hours in the routing plan and the feature takes care of the rest. Date and Time feature controls routing and so is a great solution to ensure you never miss a business lead again.

Date Call routing & how Time & Date routing actually works?

Date call routing also allows you to pre-plan inbound call management during seasonal events such as bank holidays, Christmas or Easter periods. You can alter this at any time to reflect the changing nature of your business. It is simple to do and allows you to react to any unforeseen circumstances that could affect your business ability to manage inbound calls effectively, ensuring you maintain a high level of customer service. It is quite simple really.

Supply us with your operating hours or schedule and routing preferences, then we’ll input it into our routing system. After which, calls made to your business outside of your operating hours will be routed accordingly. Ensuring you never miss a business opportunity again! We can also incorporate exchange-based routing into a custom routing solution.

Handling unanswered or abandoned calls is easy with 08UK when you use; 0800, 0333, 0845, 0844, 0871 business telephone numbers.

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