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WhatsApp for Business

Empower your customers so they can effortlessly handle WhatsApp Business messages using our cutting-edge platform.

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Analysis and Insight

Gain valuable insights and optimise your WhatsApp strategy with our real-time widgets. Monitor message volume, track agent assignments and response times in real-time. Dive into sentiment scores, text analytics, and key topics.

Real Time KPIs

Track a variety of KPIs including total messages, total assigned, total completed and performance against a set SLA, meticulously categorised for each agent.

Agent Workplace

Our contact centre solution allows agents to easily access and analyse WhatsApp message history, customer records, and conversation history, along with relevant notes. They can also tag and mark WhatsApp messages as completed, improving their workflow efficiency.

Intelligent Distribution

Our system routes different WhatsApp groups to specific teams and agents with the highest skill set. They can efficiently manage multiple accounts and assign messages to various teams or agents.
Advanced Features Enhance customer support with automated responses and pre-designed templates. Take advantage of advanced features for effortless intelligent auto replies. Agents can quickly choose auto responses to enhance consistency and expedite their replies.

Audit Trail & Reports

Gain complete visibility into customer interactions and agent responses with our audit trail. Access detailed reports on agent performance and customer messages in multiple formats, including online viewing, PDF, CSV, and scheduled reports.

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