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Inbound Call Management

Inbound Call Management

Inbound Call Management

To have the ability to fully control your inbound calls means that in any event or circumstance you can manage your call flows for your optimum performance.

The call management portal which you login in to securely via a web portal can allow you to apply a Disaster Recovery solution call plan instantly to your numbers so if you had any kind of disaster & needed to move out from your office, no problem at all, the change would be seamless.

These DR (disaster recovery) plans once built & ready to go can at any moment be applied to any block of number/s with just a click of the mouse. You could apply a plan that for instance limited the number of simultaneous calls that you received to three at any given time (if you had a lot of staff off sick one day) for instance.

Virtual numbers supplied by us all have call plans running the calls through them. You can also adjust & apply or remove certain features within a call plan to best control calls received onto your 08, 09 or 03 or virtual 01/02 numbers. All virtual numbers supplied by ourselves all have web portal control available.

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