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Voicemail On-Net

Voicemail On-Net

Voicemail On-Net

Voicemail on 08 numbers, 03 or 09 numbers is another available feature, it is only available on some of our carrier's networks, so we would be best knowing if this could be a requirement before offering your business numbers so we offer you numbers that can allow this feature to be activated, if you needed too. Note if needs be we can port/move over existing numbers to a different carrier partner if need be, where we can then offer this feature.

On-net recording software allows the option for the caller to leave a message for departments or individuals. You may prefer to have your voicemail set up this way i.e in the cloud, on-net at carrier level, on the number, rather adding a voicemail feature on to your phone system at a particular site/s. To read more about inbound cloud call services, click here.

As calls need to be stored online, you have to pay based upon the space you use on a month by month basis, so if were not to delete anything the account storage size would keep going up. You must manage (delete) recordings regularly to ensure you do not fall into the next memory allocation in any calendar month as otherwise additional charges apply. Online voicemail can be accessed by multi users and control can be assigned to user permissions for better management of voicemails.

This feature can be used in conjunction with:

Day/Date Call Routing
Time of Day Call Routing
Welcome IVR Messages
Engaged Calls Routing
Unanswered Call Routing
Dead Tone Call Routing

Inbound Call Queuing

Black/White Call Routing

Postcode Area / Territory Routing

Area/Town/County Call Routing

Percentage Call Routing

Advanced Daily/Weekly Inbound Call Statistics

Or any other inbound feature to achieve the full inbound call control.

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