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IVR Call Solutions

IVR Call Solutions

IVR Call Solutions

So what exactly is IVR? What does IVR stand for?

IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response. Inbound call plans built with this feature added are inbound call solutions that are on-net, (on the phone number) solutions that involve the caller interacting with messages they hear. By responding to options by pressing keypad buttons or by speech (speaking into the phone, voice recognition) you can direct the route of your call to a department or person or extension/service within the call plan. An example of this would be a message that plays to the caller that says "press 1 now if you are looking to speak to our sales team, press 2 for accounts".

With our solutions the caller responds/interacts with the call plan on the number (on-net means on the 08, 03 or 09 number) rather than a IVR that is built on to the phone equipment on site, our cloud solution is far more resilient/robust and any callers do not have to rely upon how many lines are available in order to get a response unlike any on site (off-net) solution.

We can build any IVR solution you may need, there are no limits as to how complex the plan that can be built nor how many recordings are part of the plan. There is one restriction in the size of a recording, but longer messages can be broken into a series of recordings, also the wav has to be recorded in the correct format.

For the Virgin Media Business advanced inbound platform this is:
- 8-bit (sampling size)
- 8 kHz (sampling frequency)
- Mono

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