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Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding

Also known as 'caller re-direct', this free feature can be applied to route certain calls (or for example a percentage calls) to different destinations/lines. Building your call plan this way will ensure you maximize your callers experience & ultimately increase the chance of the call being answered by the correct person. Set your call order of preference & forward certain calls only to other office landlines or to mobiles or abroad (anywhere in the world in fact).

Companies use call forwarding to route UK calls to other destinations (usually to individuals whom are out of the office at that moment) without the need to manually configure this on to the phone system at site each time. Note that when we add this feature we do not require any additional lines. On-net forwarding is completed on the 08, 03 or 09 number it's self without the need for any lines or use of a phone system. Usually to forward an inbound call your phone system would need to use another line at your office (so two lines are used in total) where as we can set up a forwarding service which would not use any lines at your office.

We can route/forward calls to domestic telephone lines, for home-workers too. Usually not only does call forwarding use up available lines but also creates a forwarding call charge as a call must be made to the destination number/line in order to push the inbound call through to that destination. Using call forwarding on-net is often usually totally free with ourselves so this feature can be used to effectively 'free up' telephone lines & should reduce your phone bill too, this feature is offered as standard on all our virtual numbers.

We can forward calls on responses to route to other destinations. So for instance if the first line is engaged, unanswered or dead the 08 call plan detects this response & can react accordingly. Daily or monthly CDR data can show you the forwarding destination number & cli for each call. Forward calls using the call forwarding feature to ensure the caller is connected to the best member of the team available to deal with the caller's needs.

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