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Frequent Questions for 08 Telephone Numbers

Frequent Questions for 08 Telephone Numbers

Frequent Questions for 08 Telephone Numbers

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What is a 08, 03, 09 or 01/02 UK number?
What are the advantages of having a 08 or 03 or 09 or virtual 02/01 landline number?
Do I have to sign up to a contract?
Do I have to pay for all number services?
We work with different staff numbers in different locations all the time, could we change the location & the percentage of all of our 08UK numbers instantly ourselves?
How will I know how much revenue I am owed from my 084 or 0871 number?
What exactly is a 03 number, are they new?
So different 03 number ranges have been assigned by Ofcom?
Why is an 08 a 'good number' in comparison to other number options?
Is it easy to set up an 08 number?
Is there a set-up fee for your services?
Can anyone call 08, 03, 09 or 01/02 numbers from anywhere in the UK?
Can anyone call 08, 03, 09 or 01/02 numbers from any country anywhere in the world?
Can I have an online account portal to change my call plan or route numbers to different destinations or just different ddi in my office?
You can set up a 0844/0871 number routed to my landline for free. How is this possible?
Will I keep my existing landline number?
Will I require hardware? I don't have a phone kit.
Can calls to my 08 be route directly to my mobile?
How long does setup take?
How do I see how many calls I have received on the number & when?
Will I require an additional line install to receive calls on my NGN number?
What if I need to change where my Virtual number is routed to?
If 08UK where to go out of business would I lose my numbers?
What is a gold number, how much are they?
What number will be displayed on my outbound calls if I have a virtual number pointed to my landline?
I have a VoIP phone system; can I still use a NGN number from 08UK?
How reliable are the networks used by 08UK?
How much does ISDN Cost?
So what exactly is ADSL?
How do I or Can I plug in a regular telephone into my ISDN circuit?
How much do ISDN2 or ISDN30 calls cost?

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