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Customer Relations 08UK

Customer Relations 08UK

Customer Relations 08UK

Exceeding customers' expectations

Every customer is important to us & the so expectations and perceptions each client has our departmental functioning is crucial to the perceived quality of service & overall value for money.

We also believe that each customer also knows at least five other potential customers that we could do business with, so we realize that customer relationships are crucial to our continued growth & success.

We always try our best to exceed every customer's expectations.

We intend to continue bi-annual feedback from our customers.

There are a number of reasons for doing this but the two most important are;-

1. To ensure each of our customers are happy overall with the service we providing now and how we are performing over-all-time.

2. To clarify if any customers have experienced and problems with any part of our service, which are as follows;

a.) Our Billing & Payments, this includes our Online Web Billing Portal, Paper Billing & Direct Debit scheme.
b.) The 08UK Number/Service itself, this includes Technical Issues through to Network faults.
c.) Support from your 08UK Account Manager.
d.) Support from our 08UK Operations Team.
e.) Using the Online Portal Login or Call Plan.

We ask our clients to score us out of 10 for each of the five sections above & we display these Results from all customers for the last six months & over all time since we started this.

We use a mean average to display these two Result % Scores since the inception of this score program (started February 2012). These are displayed in page the titled Customer Ratings.