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Why Choose 08UK

Why Choose 08UK

Why Choose 08UK

We help you to make the right choice for your Business Numbers

More UK organisations are choosing 08UK today.

Here, we believe, are the reasons why;-

08UK have:-

·  We can Port Move Existing number ranges, more than any other company, if we can not port the number can not be moved - yet.

·  A strong reputation, 18 years trading focusing on Inbound UK Numbers, handling over 300 million minutes of inbound calls.

·  We have formed multiple relationships so can offer dual-carrier robust inbound solutions using platforms that have the functionality required & meaning we can offer real quality options with different commercials per carrier.

·  We represent only robust & quality driven Major UK Tier1's; Citrus, BT, Gamma, Virgin and Vodafone here in UK, so we make no compromises on quality or capacity.

·  A proven award winning track record of delivering inbound voice solutions to largest UK organisations & PLC’s, we are listed in RM1035 Government Procurement Framework we can supply to any UK Public sector, Charity or Not-for-Profit.

·  We have an impressive record of Testimonials & Case Studies showing how we applied our expertise to;- Add Value, Improve Overall Service Delivery plus we most often Reduce Procurement Costs and Increase Customer Satisfaction Levels.

·  Our aim here at 08UK is to maximise your communications by improving the 'Your Callers Experience' using our ‘BBV = Bespoke Business Voice’ solution, we fully engage to understand what could help each client and the callers themselves.

08UK Offer;-

Our UK only based team whom look to form honest and open relationships with clients and supply contacts alike. No inexperienced kids working here, all our team are experienced and polite, we know how to look after clients whom stay with us & speak highly of us.

As we are a relatively small telecom company so we form real relationships and clients get to know our friendly sales & operations team, this makes a real difference to how clients feel, as they are supported by people they actually get to know, trust matters confidence crucial.

Our wealth of experience is vast, we are focused and accurate thus allowing our clients to secure improved solutions with better service support and we make proactive suggestions rather than just ‘taking an order’.

We talk about disaster recovery & encourage clients to have robust DR planning, this is an area where we find other competitors are particularly poor.

We Are Different;-

Our UK team are the most honest hardworking team, we have no que to support our clients, no back-log of covid or Brexit excuses here, just real people whom pick up the phone or call you back, if we get behind we work late, simple really.

Our friendly operations team, can make changes for free, so you don’t have too, most often very instantly, only where complex or new build or international numbers are required do we take a little longer to set up, otherwise we are same day usually.

Our confidence in our product solutions and prices means clients can have a 30 day rolling contract with NO penalties & full ownership of numbers chosen of only tier1 major carrier range holder numbers carefully selected on secure platforms.

Dual carrier resilience, for those requiring secure solutions two tier 1 carriers cloud solutions combined one 08UK bill is fairly unique really we use dual hosted mirrored platforms; BT, Citrus, Virgin, Vodafone & Gamma, not just one small cloud platform with one set of features.

Some clients need complex bespoke inbound multi-level IVR solution perhaps with Postcode Routing, CSAT, Call Recording plus a DTMF secure payment gateway.

We can deliver one complete solution, we’ve done it all before, delivering to major PLC’s for decades - we know Inbound – we are the original 08UK.     

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If you would like to talk to one of our team to get any point clarifying please do not hesitate to contact us.


If you would like to talk to one of our team to get any point clarifying please do not hesitate to contact us. Call us now on 0800 692 7000 or email new@08uk.co.uk so we can call you back.