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Find The Cheapest Business Telecom Supplier

Find The Cheapest Business Telecom Supplier

Find The Cheapest Business Telecom Supplier

How do I find the cheapest business telecom supplier in UK? First here at 08UK we ask in response… Would you really want to be with “the cheapest telecoms supplier” ?

Surely the cheapest supplier would compromise too many required standards of call quality, accuracy, service levels so that it would only be companies where the telecoms was so non system critical that they can 'do without it' if it stopped working – that would choose the “cheapest supplier”.

For many the answer to this is of course well actually ‘No’ we need our phones to be working all of the time. Quite the reverse is true in many instances, telecoms services are often crucial support levels & call answering should always be treated as a priority.

So with different technologies it is so important to compare 'apples with apples'. Some solutions described as 'Least Cost Routed' solutions because cost is the focus as opposed to quality first then price 2nd. Some may use 723 as opposed to 711 this massively affects call quality.

Not every telecom company uses or is themselves a major tier 1 carrier platform.
We concentrate not on offering the cheapest business telecom supplier solutions but on offering the cheapest Major Tier 1 inbound call handling quality platforms.

We offer traditional ISDN2 or ISDN30 or Multi-Lines too just like any other telecom company but just focus on inbound. We do offer great low rates & with free installations in some instances, but never claim to be the cheapest. So if you do really want the cheapest supplier it is not 08UK. But if you do want the best value for money & no compromises then please let us quote for you. But if you do want the best value for money then please let us quote for you.

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0845 or 0844 numbers are local or low call rate numbers which are often included in bundle minute packages especially on personal mobiles & domestic landlines now.

Use Features:

Postcode Area / Territory Routing
Area/Town/County Call Routing
Percentage Call Routing Inbound Call Recording
Daily Inbound Statistics

Day/Date Call Routing

Time of Day Call Routing

Welcome IVR Messages

Unanswered Call Routing

Dead Tone Call Routing

Inbound Call Queuing

Black/White Call Routing

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