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08UK Offering Robust and Effective Social Media Review Platform

08UK Offering Robust and Effective Social Media Review Platform

08UK Offering Robust and Effective Social Media Review Platform

In today's digital landscape, companies thrive or falter based on their online reputation. With the power of social media, every opinion carries significant weight. That's precisely why companies need a social media review platform. Efficiently manage your social media posts using our robust social media review platform.

Live Monitoring

Oversee customer reviews across various platforms such as Trustpilot and Feefo in real-time. Track positive and negative reviews and star ratings instantly and stay informed with a diverse set of real-time alerts.

Review Engagement

Receive immediate alerts tailored to specific criteria and effectively engage with customer reviews using our platform. Automate responses and prioritise negative feedback with individualised, swift responses using streamlined workflows.

Text Analytics

Use a variety of real-time widgets, including word clouds, to spot trending positive and negative keywords. Manage keyword tables to monitor specific topics, keywords and phrases

Sentiment Analysis

Our sentiment engine allows you to assess each review, analysing thousands of keywords to generate an overall sentiment score. Real-time widgets and reports help track sentiment fluctuations.

Data Overview

Access raw review data through the Data Overview, allowing users to filter by date, review type, score, sentiment, or specific keywords. Export any subset of data in CSV format for further analysis.

On-Demand Reporting

A comprehensive array of reports is available, encompassing essential metrics, sentiment analysis, and various text analytics. View reports online in PDF or CSV formats and schedule automated deliveries on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

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