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What is Tier 1 Call Quality

What is Tier 1 Call Quality

What is Tier 1 Call Quality

Quality Call Delivery

08UK know the importance of infrastructure is integral to a carrier's service levels & therefore it's day to day success delivering any solution to an end user. This is why we only offer services from UK major 'Tier 1 networks' award winning providers such as Vodafone, Virgin Media Business & Gamma Telecom.

Choosing a Network / Carrier - a Major Tier 1 Carrier

By choosing very carefully over time 08UK only work with who we believe are the very biggest & best 'first class' companies, whom are well established major tier1 network providers.

We guarantee our competitive tariffs are available to all customers, without dreaming of asking any client to compromise on call quality or network resilience. Currently around 630 number range holders exist & 122 authorised landline network providers also exist here in the UK, many of these are not our idea of a major tier1 carrier network.

Please consider the following when defining 'Major Tier1 Carrier Networks' and 'other Tier 1 or Tier2 Carrier Networks'

'Major Tier1 Carriers' should have their own national transmission network, based on an extensive switch and now fibre-optic infrastructure. With multiple switches, a major carrier offers consistent quality and reliability for all voice and can handle mass simultaneous calls carried on their network.

'Tier1 Networks' do not 're-file' or compress calls, whilst others who may be routing UK calls via Europe and compressing calls can produce cost savings, this is always ultimately at the expense of call quality and call reliability and so the callers experience. 'Major Tier1 Networks' should have an truly independent 'Intelligent Network', whereby telephone calls can be multi-routed. So if a paths fails it is automatically re-routed so that it gets through using any alternative route. 'Major Tier1 Networks' should also have approved billing platforms and should be an audited operative.

Tier1 - Quality Call Delivery

Tier1 is reliable quality it means a crystal clear voice call with no compression resulting in the caller never experiencing delay or distortion, echo, partial or total call drop off. The range of choice of telecommunication services available now (after years of deregulation and with progressing technology) seemingly offering ever greater cost savings offer options which are far from the same solutions.

We handle millions of minutes of voice, our purchasing means; we can provide major tier1 voice calls, which could be far more competitive for you than if you were to be direct with the carriers.

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