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Why Tier1? Which Carriers?

Why Tier1? Which Carriers?

Why Tier1? Which Carriers?

Tier1 Solutions


Over two-thirds of companies in the Fortune 500 use Vodafone. They have over 130 years of regional and international experience in the telecommunications marketplace in Europe, Asia and the US. Leading voice, data and IP solution provider Vodafone currently delivers to customers in 80 countries, and are underpinned by their extensive international networks.

Network World recently ranked Vodafone as having a top performing ISP network backbone delivering 'picture-perfect availability' with zero downtime and perfect uptime. The UK business unit provides enterprise and carrier solutions to the largest users of telecoms services across the UK, US, continental Europe and Asia, and wholesale broadband services in the UK.

Virgin Media Business

Industry award winning Tier1 Carrier; Virgin Media Business. The Virgin brand is a widely-recognised leading UK provider of communications solutions to residential businesses and public sector organisations. Virgin provides secure voice, data, video, TV, mobile, wireless and storage solutions that enable businesses to exploit the opportunities that come with converged communications. National capabilities have been built on strong foundations, where the company has been providing leading edge communication services to residential and business customers for many years under the previous Telewest & NTL brands.

Gamma Telecom

Industry award winning Tier1 Carrier; Gamma Telecom are our latest partner relationship. They are pretty good all round & one of the fastest growing businesses in the UK telecoms markets over the past few years. They focus on developing business solutions which are sold through their channel partners that are simple to use offer good value and are driven by web based quality platforms which are focused on automation and service differentiation.
BT Wholesale partners they are absolutely passionate about making Gamma easy to do business with and in enabling companies to work in a way that saves you time, money, and complexity.

British Telecom

British Telecom plc is the UK’s largest carrier. BT now includes EE mobile network of course following BT’s acquisition in 2016. British Telecom are the very latest partner relationship 08UK formed. We formed the relationship because of one reason; BT’s Porting Agreements.

No other tier 1 carrier has anywhere near as many porting relationships as BT whom have porting agreements with around 130 number range holders. If you compare that number to the number say Virgin have which is around 15. Without BT reseller relationship we were having to turn away companies that had chosen (lesser known number range holders) a company that only BT had a porting agreement with.

Nowadays if 08UK can not port your 08 or 03 or 09 number to us, there is a very real chance that nobody else can port it either. The 130 odd number range holders BT can port with is still only a fraction of the 500+ number range holders out there. Clearly ten years on Ofcom need to do more to enforce porting agreements are formed to support the practical deregulation of telecom services.

BT are a pretty solid all-round & one of the fastest growing businesses in the UK telecoms markets over the past few years believe it or not. The issue customers have with BT when with then directly usually relates to either service problems or billing problems. BT Wholesale focus on developing business solutions which are sold through their channel partners that are simple to use offer good value and are driven by web based quality platforms which are focused on automation and service differentiation, good people are trying to make BT easy to do business in a way that saves time, money, and complexity.

Citrus Telecom

Citrus Telecom has provided expert facilities managed solutions for MVNOs, Service providers and Resellers around the world for over 15 years.

Throughout this time Citrus have developed hundreds of bespoke solutions and packaged services earning us the reputation as a provider of choice.

Citrus are a network operator with integrity plus they are an innovative company that’s has invested heavily in the latest technology, security and the best people.

Citrus are an integrated operator of BT and Vodafone to deliver tier1 voice & data solutions. When deploying a bespoke switching solution the Citrus development team use the full remit of their network to engineer an integrated solution, or a solution design, which uses their Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

By provisioning their network in this manner Citrus can exactly help us to meet our clients needs and provide a viable, simple and managed 08UK solution.

Citrus’s ECT / Next Generation Network is very flexible and whatever your needs are 08UK with Citrus can offer the right solution.

Final Note - Peace of Mind

Of the 2500 telecom companies here in the UK there are approximately 622 telephone companies who have been allocated telephone numbers by Ofcom (these are known as 'number range holders'). Many of these small new companies are under 10 years old & some do not have their own network or switch at all so they have to place their numbers (so they can offer a service) on another carrier's network.

The difference between using one of our numbers & using one from a small low cost network provider in terms of network capacity, reliability, infrastructure and service back up can be huge.

The risks associated with this option are that these companies often have little or no network resilience, and few engineers or technical staff to assist should problems occur. Any failure in service could well be serious and could take some time to resolve.

Using number range holders whom use other carrier's networks can also lead you into huge problems when it comes to their responsibilities to support you should you want to move & indeed some customers can not physically move their numbers anywhere other than BT as no relationships exist to allow for the commercial transfer of any numbers within that number range.

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