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Why Not To Advertise A Mobile Phone Number As Your Business Contact Number

Why Not To Advertise A Mobile Phone Number As Your Business Contact Number

Sole traders use their mobile phone numbers, that is their own personal mobile numbers to advertise their services;-

Plumbers, Electricians, Builders, trades people that work alone for themselves. The problem even for these individuals is that even they get calls that they then miss.

Ever been half way up a ladder or with a drill in your hand when your mobile starts ringing? 

Sole traders miss calls – why – because they are working and so not answering calls.

Here are the reasons why never to advertise your mobile number for new business / sales.

Battery May Be Dead – Mobile phones need charging everyday usually.

Phone May Have No Reception – A very common problem across the UK.

Busy On the Phone – Two callers could call at once. 

Ringing Out – The mobile handset volume could be low or off.

Appear As Soletrader – One mobile number means one person usually.

No Control – Calls can not be directed to a person or department.

No Branded Welcome – No hello & welcome to 08UK, could leave callers usure who they are through too.

No Transfer – Calls can not be transferred to another line/number. 

No IVR Options for transfer – Caller can not route their call themselves.

No Inbound Statistics – No report will show you who called nor do you get any answering performance indicators.

You will only ever look like a sole trader if you choose to advertise a mobile number. 

Yes we understand that you may be out and about a lot as a sole trader, however if you are aspiring to be more than just yourself as a business, then go Virtual today.

Here at 08UK we recommend a new 03 mobile friendly or 0800 number to really get your phone ringing. 

Then you can route calls to your mobile or too another mobile or to another line where it will definitely be answered.

People say weve been using that number for years thou? As though that is reason not to improve things. 

Others say things like, but that number is on all our literarture it is entrenched into our business, as an organisation our business has had these numbers for years and so it would be a pain to change to new numbers. 

We say use our three stange number process to allow callers time to get used to your new numbers.

Miss calls and you miss the opportunity to grow your business.


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