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Can Your Business Survive this current Stormy Weather?

Can Your Business Survive this current Stormy Weather?

Can Your Business Survive this current Stormy Weather?

It seems that the potential threats to businesses employees and normal operations are ever-growing. Only in the last couple of weeks we’ve seen the disruption caused by the Coronavirus, with severe restrictions to international travel, and in the UK by the high winds and floods of Storms Ciara and Dennis.

In both cases, whilst everyone’s first concern is for the health and wellbeing of employees, from a business perspective the commercial impact could be significant and far-reaching. From a data security point of view there have also been an increasing number of high profile cyber-attacks in the news recently, for example the serious data security breach at Travelex – (https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-51017852

How would your business cope if employees were unable to travel for a period, if one of your offices became unavailable due to an unforeseen event, or if your data or servers were inaccessible?

The common denominator with all these threats is that while the risk itself cannot be completely avoided, the potential impact on a business can be managed. 

Creating a Business Continuity or DR plan that includes remote access and flexible home working ensures that your normal business telephone operations could continue during a disaster or serious event. The disaster ready ‘DR’ plan will determine which business functions are critical and which can be suspended until full operations recover.
It will identify the key systems, applications and personnel required to support your most important functions and ensure that those resources are available when required. A continuity telephone plan can increase your competitive advantage to win or retain customers if the weather turns stormy.

DR should be an integral part of your Quality Assurance and yet we find many with zero DR planning. And it may be that businesses that can demonstrate managed risks are able to secure lower insurance premiums. We recommend you talk ‘DR’ with your current or future 08UK account manager to ensure you are covered.


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