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10 reasons why big businesses choose 08UK

10 reasons why big businesses choose 08UK

Over the last 20 years, we’ve taken responsibility for the extensive and varied telecom needs of multiple large PLCs like Rentokil Initial and City Link, who we supported as a client for almost 15 years. Here are 10 reasons why some of the UK and Ireland’s biggest brands trust 08UK with their telecoms inbound voice needs.

Relationships with multiple Tier1 carriers

We’ve formed relationships with major UK Tier1 carriers, including Citrus, BT, Gamma, Virgin and Vodafone. This means your business telecoms makes no compromises on reliability, quality or capacity.

Best gold 0800, 0333 and 0845 numbers

Gold telephone numbers have certain patterns in them, giving them meaning or making them much easier to remember compared to standard numbers. At 08UK, we offer the best value-for-money gold numbers that are ready to go live from Tier1 range holders only.

Fully encrypted secure web IVR portal

The interactive voice response (IVR) is a voice menu system that’s played to callers. This allows you to route calls to certain departments, or lets the caller choose options depending on what their call relates to. Our secure web IVR portal allows you to manage your call routing anytime via your own customer portal.

PCI level 3 compliant secure payment gateways

All businesses that store, process or transmit payment cardholder data must be PCI Compliant. 08UK is level 3 compliant for processing visa e-commerce transactions. This means the measures we take, including quarterly network scans by an approved scanning vendor, ensure secure payment gateways function effectively.

Unique inbound voice feature functionality

With five major Tier1 carrier relationships, we can offer any inbound call feature your business requires. Cloud inbound voice features are installed directly on to your phone number in the cloud rather than on to any hardware locally. As secure clouds, our on-net voice features and vast experience allows us to deliver the right solution at the right commercials for your needs.

RM1035 Government Procurement Framework

08UK is proud to be one of just 12 UK companies approved to sell to public sector and non-profit organisations under lot 2 of RM1035 Government Procurement Framework.

Purchasing contract flexibility  

We offer very flexible contract options. While 24 or 36 month terms are most common, we also offer a 30-day rolling contract too. Our willingness to invest in our client relationships mean we’ve been able to help clients avoid high set up costs in the past, and will offer a totally free set up where we can.

Superior CSAT integrated with Trustpilot

A customer satisfaction score (CSAT) survey measures what your customers think about any contact they have with your business. Whether it’s speaking to a customer service agent, navigating your website, or using an app, a CSAT survey asks your customers to rate their experience. This feedback can now be fed onto your Trustpilot score and shared with a worldwide audience. 

Multi-carrier single bill with per-second billing 

We’ve invested in an industry-leading billing platform which operates across all our UK carriers. This allows all our customers to get accurate detailed bills  each month via our dedicated billing team.

Decades of experience

Our excellent working relationships with customers is a testament to the strength and experience of the 08UK team. Based in the UK, we have been building open and honest relationships with customers and supply contacts for almost 20 years. Our experience means we can make proactive suggestions, rather than just taking orders, which gives your business so much more than a simple service support team would ever offer. Your business is our priority, so we don’t give excuses, we answer your calls, and we get the job done.

Find out more about why major UK and Irish businesses choose 08UK for their telecom needs, by giving our team a call on 0800 692 7000, or emailing new@08uk.co.uk and we’ll call you back.