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0845 Cost to Call Charges

0845 Cost to Call Charges

0845 Cost to Call Charges

Call charges on 0845 numbers, cost to call 0845;
0845 description is still 'local rate', but for most business users they are still charged at 3.4 pence/minute peak, 1.7 pence/minute evening & 0.6 pence/minute on weekend. Many BT domestic callers to 0845 get these calls included now in minute bundles - so are charged much less - i.e at the same rate to call an 01 or 02 number.

UK mobile callers calling 0845 numbers are charged at between 10p to 20p/minute in most instances depending upon if the mobile in question is on a pay-as-you-go tariff - or in a term contract where prices are lower. Ask your mobile provider why they are charging you so much?

Call charges on 0843 and 0844, cost to call 084;
Are charged at the same 'low call rate' of up to 4.25p at all times from a BT landline (other landline networks do charge a little more).

UK mobile callers are charged between 10p to 20p/minute (20p is on some pay-as-you go tariffs) for no justifiable reason in our humble opinion. * See below.

Cost to call 0345 numbers (0845 should change to 0345)
Are the same price as calling an 01 or 02 landline even from mobiles.

0845 is still be affected by an Ofcom change (this was applied on 1st August 2009 by Ofcom to 0870 numbers). We do expect Ofcom to apply this change to all 0845 numbers so owners of 0845 should secure their 0345 equivalent now. Owners of 0345 numbers have to pay per minute to allow the call to be discounted for callers from all networks. All UK mobile networks price 03 at same as 0161 or 0207 numbers. Businesses choosing 0345 will encourage more calls from mobile callers. * See below

0845 Change to charge pricing - 2012, 2013
Since the changes to Ofcom legislation on 0870 numbers in 2009, Ofcom had seemed to indicate that they clearly had intentions to make a similar change to 0845 numbers, but now they have clarified they will be making no change to 0845. If the owner of the 0845 changes the number by one digit to 0345 all 0345 calls to these numbers would be charged at the same rate as 01, 02 number.

- A call to a UK Mobile call from a UK landline can cost the caller up to 30p at peak time.

- Note the maximum call charge to any 08 number from a UK landline is only 10 pence/minute (it is only 10p/min to call an 0871).

- Don't blame the 08 number for the prices mobile networks charge. Ask the mobile network supplying your service why they are charging you so much?

- Remember connecting to any 08 number may in fact be quite inexpensive to call from any uk landline.

- The mobile networks have no reason for charging the increased rate when connecting calls to an 08 number, you in fact may be calling a mobile carriers 08 number.

Please note we have tried to ensure the above figures are as accurate as possible.
Please accept our sincere apologies if for any reason the information listed above is no longer correct at the moment you read this. For the avoidance of doubt ask your current provider (mobile or fixed line) to send you a list of all UK call charges.

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