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Call Centre Agents Tools

Call Centre Agents Tools

Call Centre Agents Tools

Operating a Call Centre is made easier when you can apply agent tools to better assist your agents with their inbound call handling. Inbound features that one can apply offer interactive functions for callers for smoother call handling by agents. So for instance a feature may be an IVR welcome message that gives the caller options to choose from for various departments. 08UK actually can apply call team features/functionality often at no charge.

We do this whilst steering you through the commercials relating to applying such inbound functions to ensure practically and price is balanced and cost-effective. How you handle all your callers is crucial to your success; looking after clients' needs, taking sales orders and so on. Other calls your agents may receive may not be from customers but are from; existing suppliers, cold calls from suppliers trying to introduce themselves.

Do you currently route or forward calls to your agents based simply on the availability of that call agents? Seems logical, because quite simply, it is logical by applying the skills to where they are needed should result in shorter calling times & shorter que waiting times.

Click here for more on Agent Skilled Based Routing. Most callers have a simple request for support from an agent but some may have far more complex requirements for support, thus the potential to have better trained agents supporting more complex callers’ needs, is also logical. Those that do have the easiest queries solvable perhaps with just a tick of a box can be dealt with by the new (still in training agents). Whilst those callers with more complicated needs can then be best support by your strongest most experienced agents.

Prioritizing, the calls that are important over the calls that really are not important and spreading that work out fairly and effectively to your agents based on their skill set of agents can make a real difference to the overall efficiency of your departments and so the organisation as a whole. Without knowing about these features and how you can use them to improve systems no progress can be made, we take pride in being proactive in our approach.

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