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Inbound Features

Inbound Features

Inbound Features

So what exactly are Inbound Features?

Inbound features are interactive functions or prominent characteristics experienced by a caller when they dial your virtual phone number. So for instance a feature may be an IVR welcome message that gives the caller options to choose from for various departments.

08UK actually can apply call handling features or functionality simply and easily and often at no charge.

What we do here at 08UK as UK inbound call experts is we advise and apply a solution to best fit the requirements of you our client.

We do this whilst steering you through the commercials relating to applying such inbound functions to ensure practicality and price are balanced and cost-effective.

How you handle all your callers is crucial to the success of your business; looking after your existing and new clients' needs, taking sales orders, handling complaints.

Other calls your business may receive may not be from customers or potential clients but are from perhaps; your suppliers, sales calls from other potential suppliers trying to introduce themselves, official local or national government departments, human resource calls from candidates and so on, the calls will be related to services specific to the nature of the business undertaken by that organisation.

Using Inbound features you can separate out the reason the caller has for contacting you. Prioritizing, the calls that are important over the calls that really are not important and spreading that work out fairly and effectively - to the best skilled staff members can make a real difference to the overall efficiency of your departments and so the organisation as a whole.

We have a number of call handling inbound features that we can apply in conjunction with each other, many of which we can build into your call plan without having to apply any charges, they can make a real difference. Without knowing about these features and how you can use them to improve systems no progress can be made, we take pride in being proactive in our approach to UK inbound call handling solutions, we are 08UK, as the name suggests inbound on 08 is what we do.

Why 08UK

  • Our Inbound Features can be applied free
  • We often can increase Revenue/Rebates
  • Removing rentals and reducing rates
  • 15 Years industry experience
  • We support PLC & BlueChip Clients
  • Excellent Rapid Response Customer Service Levels
  • We only use; BT/Virgin/Gamma/Citrus
  • Someone recently asked what is inbound voice about anyway? Here is our explanation given:
    Voice telephone calls that your business receives, not makes, are referred to as inbound voice. Inbound is specifically the potential call flows (taking calls) made to your business.. Please do not hesitate to contact us free on 0800 692 7000 or email new@08uk.co.uk