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08 Numbers Web Portal Control

08 Numbers Web Portal Control

08 Numbers Web Portal Control

We are UK suppliers of virtual 08 and 03 numbers. Need new telephone numbers or you have existing 08's? Do you want some control over your 08 numbers web portal control ideally?

This feature or function actually allows you (the end user - owner of the 08's) to log in securely to a web portal where then you can access the call plan that controls the actual call routing on the 08/03 numbers.

This we offer without any additional charge. Please be aware that BT portal access requires first the person to have completed a two day training course, we can & do make all changes to call plans free of charge.

We only ask that if daily (or very regular) changes are required that these are completed by the customer. The ability to log-in 24hrs/365 allows you to be in control and give the caller whatever response you desire.

Pre-advance scheduling allows for planned changes in the future to be programmed into the portal too for extra ease. 08 numbers web portal control is set as a standard for all customers of 08UK, depending upon the carrier network chosen.

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