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Gold 0808 numbers

Gold 0808 numbers

Gold 0808 numbers

Gold 0808 – Cheaper yet just as ‘Free Phone’ and may be easier to remember

Yes absolutely gold 0808 numbers, could be better looking in theory so more remember able - potentially. The issue with 0808 is simply not as widely recognised as being ‘Freephone’ as 0800 is. 0800 numbers have been around for 30 years, 0808 has more recently been added simply because we were running out of allocated 0800 numbers.

Recommend by those with some commercial restraints Gold 0808; Gold 0808 Phone Numbers will operate perfectly to compliment  for  ‘New Gold 0808’ or for Support Lines 0808 is now a great choice.  

Gold 0808, gold 0808 phone numbers will make a difference so they are worth buying, given gold 0800 will sell for anything now from anything up to £20K - the value of a Gold 0808 would be around half that or less.  

Buy a Gold 0808 number so callers can remember your number, simple really. Choose Gold 0808 numbers to compliment your national marketing campaign. 

Our Gold 0808 numbers rate start at 3.75p/minute to receive calls delivering to UK landlines or 10p/minute to deliver to a UK mobile line. 

Some larger volume clients do however pay less than 2p/minute – so the rate is totally dependent upon proven established volumes.

Using operating 080 numbers will give a number of benefits to improve (no matter what the circumstances) is not expensive and callers will love to call you, which has got to be good for your business.

Still deciding 08UK are the supplier for you? For Quality Gold & Platinum 0808 numbers, we are the original UK supplier that many are trying to copy. 

Please contact us for more information or call us now for free 0800 692 7000.



0800 Call Handling

Arguably it always better to have call handling features on the 0800 in the cloud, rather than on your PBX, i.e not after the 0800 has delivered the call to you.

Capacity issues will not affect the ability of the cloud to handle simultaneous calls, callers will never hear engaged or unanswered, these responses are typical of a non-cloud PBX delivered solution.


0800 Resilience & Continuity

Surely it is better to try to impress each caller in the way you handle their call than it is to potentially annoy them by using an inferior 'cheap 0800' supplier, where calls could suffer from echo, distortion, delay or crackling on the line.

Clever call handling features that allow for scenarios where callers would otherwise not be dealt with quickly are great to ensure calls are answered.


0800 Complex Call Routing

The ability to have absolute precise call control over your contact centre at all times allows for the efficient delivery of calls to be streamlined into measureable quality standards where levels of achievement can be closely monitored.

Click on here for more on choosing your complex call routing features.

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If you would like to talk to one of our team to get any point clarifying please do not hesitate to contact us. Call us now on 0800 692 7000 or email new@08uk.co.uk so we can call you back.

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