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Boosting Customer Satisfaction in Telecoms: The CSAT Advantage

Boosting Customer Satisfaction in Telecoms: The CSAT Advantage

Boosting Customer Satisfaction in Telecoms: The CSAT Advantage

In the fast-paced world of telecoms, customer satisfaction (CSAT) is a game-changer. Here's why it's crucial and how telecom companies can leverage it for success:

Why CSAT Matters in Telecoms

    Retention & Loyalty: Happy customers stay longer and spend more.

    Word of Mouth: Satisfied customers become advocates, driving organic growth.

    Competitive Edge: A high CSAT score sets you apart in a competitive market.

    Efficiency: Understand what matters to your customers and allocate resources accordingly.

Our user-friendly design offers an intuitive and consistent multi-channel customer experience to boost participation and completion rates while reinforcing brand values.

Multi-Channel Surveys
Effortlessly gauge customer satisfaction and gather feedback across multiple communication channels, including Voice, Email, Chat, Social Media, Web, SMS, and review platforms, all through a unified platform. You can tailor campaigns for post-interaction or manage them efficiently via bulk uploads.

Real-Time Wallboards
Access real-time updates of customer scores and their unfiltered comments on our wallboards. You can create a variety of live views to keep a close eye on the Voice of your Customer (VoC), and we offer more than 20 different Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) widgets to choose from.

Text Analytics
Our sophisticated sentiment analysis engine automatically identifies positive and negative customer comments. Additionally, we employ keyword tables to help pinpoint complaints, commendations for agents, and other important topics.

Post-Call Surveys
Streamline customer feedback by transferring phone calls to an automated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) survey, capturing verbatim comments.  This allows us to track details related to agents, customers, and more within the customer survey record.

SMS Campaigns
Create SMS campaigns with either questions and answers managed directly through SMS messaging, or with an embedded hyperlink that leads to a customised web-based survey.

Digital Channels
Easily configure multiple campaigns for digital channels, including email, live chat, social media, and web-based channels. Our web-based surveys can be personalised with a variety of question types and design choices to encompass your brand.

Delight your customers, and they'll be your most powerful allies for growth and success.

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