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Best 0800 Deal

Best 0800 Deal

Best 0800 Deal

Looking for the best 0800 deal? Everyone wants to pay the least amount for their 0800 service, everyone wants the best 0800 deal, but do not knowingly choose your supplier based on price alone – do not compromise the whole working operation of your company by choosing based purely on price. Previously 0500, 0808 & 0800 were all Freephone, moving forward only 0800&0808 will remain, users of 0500 have to change their numbers to 08085 or pick a new number. It makes sense that clients need good value for money however 0800 service levels are not the same from one network to another. In fact vast differences exist between one number supplier and another.

Some 0800 carrier networks compress calls which using some compression ratio’s will affect the quality of the 0800 callers’ experience. If you have used Skype or other free compressed call – free to call over the internet - services, the voice packets can be badly affected leaving a 0800 service that may not actually work at all or at worst will annoy more callers than the service assists. 0800 calls are usually important, cheap 0800 may mean calls dropped, so missed business, lost 0800 call may result in loss of a sale or may leave the caller with a sense of a lack of a quality response which then just stops dead their enquiry, evidence suggests that answering the phone is important to assist in some sales processes (which is why we pick up the phone) just try calling us now. 

Deals 0800 wise can involve 0800 bundles of free minutes at a set figure each month. The best 0800 bundle offers involve such suppliers – where quality is being compromised, but PLC customers we have would not entertain these suppliers as they are not major tier1 - robust networks. 0800 deals involving bundles are only good anyway if you are going to do exactly the minutes you agree, under or over the bundle each month and the rate you pay is then much higher. Similarly start-up new UK businesses still want the very best rates for their 0800 call traffic. Risk is a factor to consider as bad debt accounts for a significant percentage of costs if you supply to this area. Rates are purely driven by volumes & risk, nothing else really usually makes any big difference.

The complexity of the call plans & the number of 0800 numbers in use are usually the other influencing factors. Bad debt can be a part of 0800 considerations as many UK start-up businesses do not survive the first few years. Unlike many we focus on relationships with established UK businesses that are not so affected by trade cycles or changes in buying. We actually target PLC client’s here in the UK, some PLC’s we have had for years now speak very highly of us, click here for more client testimonials.
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0800 Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery Plans are pre-built separate plans (Each one, we build at no charge, once you have anticipated each potential DR scenario). We can even assist during inter-connect fault scenarios as we represent multiple major tier1 networks.

In the event of any disaster, most important, is the instant ability to re-route calls. The 0800 number could commonly be the path through which new business opportunities contact your company, losing a sales call means missing a potential sale.


0800 Auto Line Failure Detection

Our solutions actually have Auto-DR functionality so if a line fault was automatically detected on your ISDN30 then the 0800 platform & call plan would then place the calls somewhere else, so there is no loss of service, and no manual reaction would be required.

Automatic DR, auto divert on busy or dead tone are clever features designed to keep the calls flowing. If a destination has rang for 10 seconds the caller will start to think about putting the phone down. Don't let abandoned calls affect your sales performance.


0800 Instant Call Control

The fundamental difference between a virtual number & a traditional landline number is; the 0800 instant call control that you get automatically with all virtual 0800 numbers. A mobile 'App' controls routing plans or to apply any DR plan, click for instant live control from the smart application.

Full advanced control means call routing scheduled in advance according to time, day or date. Pre-scheduled bank holidays & public holidays call plans allow those to have control to schedule the whole year in advance & specify automatic disaster recovery destinations for each IVR option.

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If you would like to talk to one of our team to get any point clarifying please do not hesitate to contact us. Call us now on 0800 692 7000 or email new@08uk.co.uk so we can call you back.

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