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Why big brands are choosing 08UKs Powerful Customer Engagement Tool

Why big brands are choosing 08UKs Powerful Customer Engagement Tool

Having a cross-channel customer engagement is the secret of most successful businesses.  It increases retention and user lifetime value, this crucial for long-term success.  However, you need the right tools to be able to achieve this.
08UK offers a market leading hosted contact centre platform across Voice, Email, Chat, Social Media and SMS channels.  It also features and innovate range of integrated digital solutions, such as, Multi-Channel CSAT, Review Monitoring and Dynamic FAQs to enhance your customer experience.
Multi-channel CSAT
Measure customer satisfaction across voice, email , chat, social media, web and SMS channels through a single platform.  All customer scores and comments are delivered to a series of real-time wallboards with advanced text analytics and sentiment analysis. For all verbatim comments, we use an advanced sentiment engine to automatically identify positive and negative comments. Keyword tables are then used to identify complaints, agent praise and other key topics.  Surveys can be triggered post call (by asking questions and capturing comments), via SMS (linking to a web-based survey) or via email, chat, social media and web channels. Supervisor dashboards can show a range of performance metrics for each channel, team and agent.
Real Time Review Monitoring from third-party sites such as Trustpilot etc. Track customer reviews and star ratings in real-time with real-time alerts. Customer reviews run through our sentiment engine checking for positive and negative keywords to calculate an overall sentiment score for each review which can be tracked via real-time widgets and reports. Create and manage keyword tables to track specific topics and highlight trending keywords. Receive real-time alerts based on specific criteria and respond to customer reviews effectively through the platform.  Set up workflows to auto reply to positive reviews and prioritise negative reviews for a quick, individual response.  On-demand reporting.
Live Social Media Monitoring - analysis and engagement with advanced sentiment analysis and text analytics.  Monitor the social sphere for brand mentions across multiple channels including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Goole and more, with the ability to `listen` for mentions across the wider web, forums and review sites.  Publish and schedule posts across multiple channels.
Other Features of the platform include:
  • Dynamic FAQ`s with intelligent search function - innovative AI can predict user queries and then customers can access relevant help articles from anywhere on your website, without ever leaving their current page.  If FAQs cannot resolve query, users can be redirected to another channel.  Self-learning capabilities to improve help articles presented to users.

  • Live chat - multiple chats routing via skills.   Agents benefit from preview of customer typing and can choose from a range of auto-replies.  Supervisors can track all current chat sessions in real-time.

  • Email Management - connect multiple email accounts and intelligently distribute across agents.  Auto responses and pre-prepared templates for increased consistency and speed of response.

  • SMS - A dedicated customer service channel via SMS messaging.

  • Multilingual Translation - create campaigns across voice and digital channels in multiple languages. Track customer comments in foreign languages with the opportunity to automatically translate all text into English.  Switch between English and foreign language text.  Translate responses to reply to customers in their native language.

  • Workflows - identify key customer contacts across all channels, assign to specific teams or agents and prioritise a response.  Identify key words, phrases and different languages and trigger relevant auto responses. A variety of auto responses, designed to avoid repetition of responses.  Delayed auto Reponses set between 5-30 mins.  Full audit trail.

  • Intelligent Distribution - of customer contact from any channel (Chat, email, SMS etc) based on availability and skill level

  • Agent Workplace - across multiple channels (chat, email, SMS, social media etc) to review new contacts, conversation history, notes, customer details, and social media reviews before responding via public or private message.  Full CRM integration available

  • KPIs - users can monitor a range of KPI`s across call channels (chat, email, SMS and social media monitoring etc)

  • Real time analysis and insight - comprehensive range of real-time widgets and on-demand reports across all channels (chat, email, SMS, social media, Dynamic FAQs etc). Agent performance reports. Track sentiment, text and topics being discussed.

  • Secure PCI Payments - accept payments securely and receive authorisation during the call with real-time payment tracking.  Secure call recording available with DTMF tones supressed.  On demand reporting.

  • Inbound and Outbound voice - manage voice enquiries through network level IVR, call queuing and skill-based routing.  All calls tracked in real-time, with PCI compliant all recording.

  • Universal Queue

  • Outbound dialler

If you would like to talk to one of our team to get any point clarifying please do not hesitate to contact us. Call us now on 0800 692 7000 or email new@08uk.co.uk so we can call you back.