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Virtual Local Numbers

Virtual Local Numbers

Virtual Local Numbers

Here at 08UK we offer virtual local numbers for UK based or overseas organisations to use so they can gain real local presence in a town or area using local advertising. Callers like to engage with local business suppliers whom they feel will give them a more personal & local service. Everyone whom lives in a local area for any length of time will get to know their local telephone area code, here in Manchester everyone knows 0161 is the local code.

Most 0161 numbers are not virtual local numbers and so are linked to a single traditional landline or multiple ISDN lines specifically allocated at a physical location. A virtual local landline number however by definition is actually a number that is not assigned to a line/location but sits as a live number with the carrier in 'the cloud' on 'on-net'. Such virtual numbers are as robust then as the carrier network providing them, in our case as we only use award winning BT, Gamma, Citrus, Vodafone & Virgin for your peace of mind so no compromises on quality.

A quality virtual local number needs to be controlled by a quality call plan, a comprehensive call flow covering all possible outcomes including disaster scenarios. Once built the plan on the virtual 01 or 02 number, means you can best handle all the local inbound calls you receive on to your virtual business phone number. This call plan could include options for departments or people, some options could route the call overseas or to an automated system e.g for a customer survey or to handle/process a card payment. The caller is only paying a local rate and yet could be speaking to someone on the other side of the world.

Looking for a local marketing impact in a number of Cities, Towns or Villages?
No problem simply specify the area codes you want and then we can set all the numbers up so all the calls are delivered to your office lines without callers knowing any different or even to a number of mobiles. No-one can identify, just from the number itself, if it is a virtual landline or a traditional telephone number. The major benefit of virtual local phone numbers comes from the fact that the number is Live in the cloud as opposed to being Live assigned to a fixed line Click here for more on Virtual Phone Numbers.

Do you have an existing 01 or 02 number that you would like to make virtual ? Perhaps you are moving and are not staying within the local exchange and so are not able to keep your old number - you can if we move this number into the cloud i.e make it into a virtual phone number.

Here at 08UK offices in Heaton Moor, in Stockport - Manchester for instance 0161 442 is specific to the Heaton area exchange, but not many would know that much specific detail. A local call or local number for anyone here within Manchester would be any number that starts with 0161, these calls would then be charged at local rates and there is no need to actually even dial the 0161 if calling from any other Manchester 0161 land line/number.Looking for a quality supplier of virtual landlines? Look no further, 08UK offer virtual local landline numbers with no rentals per month ongoing and lots of free to activate features too including web portal access for instant control. Simply pay per minute based on where we are delivering the calls i.e to UK landline or UK mobile or abroad.

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