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Virtual 0121 Birmingham Number

Virtual 0121 Birmingham  Number

Virtual 0121 Birmingham Number

We are 08UK, we supply virtual geo and non-geo UK telephone numbers for business use. There are a huge number of benefits gained by using virtual numbers not just virtual landlines, we supply Freephone 0800 or 0845 & much more.

With a virtual 0121 phone number, your callers will think they’re calling Birmingham, wherever you’re actually located. Yes no-one will know they are not calling a real Brommie landline, the number being virtual just appears to route the call to your Birmingham office. With any virtual landline number your incoming calls are instantly routed through to a location or destination line of your choice, to one of your existing phone numbers; landline or mobile or overseas. It doesn't matter what this 'destination liner' is, or where you're located, your callers will believe they're dialling a landline in Birmingham. Naturally, they'll be completely unaware their calls are being redirected. For those in Birmingham, 0121 is known as the local landline code.

Use your Virtual 0121 Birmingham Number for Customer Services

You can add a whole range of service-enhancing features to your new Birmingham number. Using a virtual number (as opposed to a traditional landline) means you can give your callers a list of redirection options, IVR to choose a specific department for example.

Using Smart 0121 Birmingham Numbers for Business Continuity

Automatically redirects any calls to a secondary line number in your office on the event the main or 1st destination is busy (engaged tone) or isn’t answered (rings out) or has a fault (dead tone on line).

Using Smart Birmingham 0121 Numbers To Strengthen Your Brand & Unify Callers Experience

With Time/Day Plan you can set up your virtual 0121 number so that calls are automatically redirected to a different destination number at specific times e.g every evening and/or at weekends. Our other add-ons include Call Tracking, Mid Call Transfer, Zone Plan (to manage incoming calls by their town or postcode of origin), Call Queuing, Call Recording, Voicemail and Live Call Answering.

Go Virtual on Existing 0121 Numbers & Never Change Again

Moving your company's premises soon, you probably will be doing at some point within the best few years. With a virtual 0121 number, you just simply redirect your incoming calls to your new lines numbers to SIP lines or Skype. Then you have no requirement to print all your company cards again. Keep your old line number by making it into a virtual number. Switching then your 'destination number' only takes a few seconds online or we can do this for you free of charge.

Get a Virtual City Landline Number from a £10 One-Off Fee

Our Virtual Numbers start from only £10 as a one-off fee with no rental per month, then we simply have our minimum bundle which does include up to 750 inclusive minutes to a landline within your UK office. You pay just 2p a minute as a starting rate for these virtual landline calls or 6.5p when routing to a UK mobile.