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Robust Tier1 Cloud Call Recording

Robust Tier1 Cloud Call Recording

Robust Tier1 Cloud Call Recording

Why should a business care about using a robust tier1 cloud for call recording client calls? Why it helps to have recording activated.

Will your callers gain anything if we add inbound call recording? Your organisation would gain by giving callers a professional impression.

Each caller can be listened too, real customer calls are great to train new staff. Plus abusive weirdo can be prosecuted, with such recordings used as evidence.

Of those that do record client telephone calls, do you warn caller that incoming calls are recorded? As this is required if you want to use the recordings for certain purposes.

Quick Questions on Call Recording

If calls are used for internal purposes only, does this prevent you from playing it back to the caller so as to settle a disagreement, or potential dispute?

If you call a client, and warn that the call will be recorded, can they refuse to continue the call?

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