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Advanced Call Controls

Advanced Call Controls

Advanced Call Controls

All virtual numbers supplied by ourselves all have the capability to be set up with your own web portal control.

What that means is that you as the owner/user of the number can login securely using a web browser to your own online account. Here in this account you can access the live call plan to control exactly where calls route to & here you can also adjust the features that come included in our 08, 09 or 03 or virtual 01/02 numbers, so for example you could adjust the number of rings at a destination before the call plan then forwards the calls to another destination/office.

We will only set this up for you if you want it, some prefer us to fully manage their numbers and the call plans controlling them, either way in most cases we do not charge, so the choice is yours. Some prefer us to make changes whilst other prefer to do everything.

Having the ability to have full control over your calls means that in any event or circumstance you can alter your call flows or apply a Disaster recovery solution if you had for instance to evacuate the office because of a flood. You can have DR plans already to go then you can simply apply that plan with a click of the mouse. You could limit the number of simultaneous calls if you had a lot of staff off sick one day for instance.

Or many other inbound features to achieve the full inbound call control you require.

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