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Postcode Territory Routing

Postcode Territory Routing

Postcode Territory Routing

A territory for clarification purposes is an exact area within a Postcode Area, so is a much smaller area. A postcode territory is one of many within a postcode area, so within SK you have SK1, SK2, SK3, SK4 etc. Our office site is SK4 and so for SK4 unique CLIs exist relating to the local exchange number ranges. For instance within SK4 you can have 0161 442 & 0161 975 or 0161 443.

We have actually built bespoke call plans where we separate territories from areas, as per our clients request. Our end client (one of the largest parcel delivery companies) required us to deliver to them one of the most complex postcode driven routing plans Live in the UK today. We built the entire plan & incorporated the cost to do that into the rates rather than charging our client upfront. Ask about how we can build complex geo plans for you - for free, that is with absolutely no up-front charges.

This postcode area or territory feature can be used in conjunction with Welcome IVR Messages, Percentage Routing or Time of Day Call Routing, Call Recording or any other inbound feature to achieve the full inbound call control.

Any call plan that is active on any virtual numbers which is running a complex geographical routing plan to distribute calls between locations according to certain rules is routing calls to locations based on the callers cli i.e the location of the line/number they’re calling from.

Advanced platforms can allow a selected TV Region, Postcode Territory, Town, City, County or even Postcode territories to route calls down an inbound call path.

Please note callers from mobiles need to be dealt with either by IVR options or by a real person as all 07 numbers are just UK national & do not express the location of the caller.

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