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Phone call client CSAT feedback survey review performance

Phone call client CSAT feedback survey review performance

Phone call client CSAT feedback survey review performance

Phone Call Client CSAT Feedback Survey Review Performance

This inbound post-call feature offers every possible feedback from the call such interaction thus allows you to implement improvements and is a superb way of maintaining

Automated voice prompted call agent surveys produce ratings that allow the caller to score the call agent on a number of elements as required.

As this feature is in the cloud it also works well irrespective of the location of your agent.

Cloud operated automated scripted voice prompted agent rating post-call customer service surveys do exactly as described.

When the call ends with the agent the caller/customer is then immediately connected to an automated IVR message advising the caller to stay on the line if they wish to give agent or customer experience feedback.

The caller responds to the prompted IVR automated questionnaire either in a formal or informal way so the former allows for scores between 0 to 9, the later asks for voice comments to a number of questions.

It is better to know you have a problem customer agent or equipment quickly so that action can be taken.

Rating Call Agents Using Post-Call Survey

This feature allows managers (aided by the use of a an office wallboard) to monitor scores given for the agents themselves and the whole team can then be ‘Live’ monitoring recording the best and worst staff performers.

Worst-case malicious or deliberate bad attitude from perhaps unhappy or grieved staff, would also be highlighted immediately. Only those afraid to get these scores would not want them.

Similarly really good agents whom have established a customers need and delivered for them above the callers expectation can also be rewarded for their positive effort and attitude.

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