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Changing Business Telecoms Supplier

Changing Business Telecoms Supplier

Changing Business Telecoms Supplier

It is far simpler than some think to change supplier & importantly your 08 numbers are totally separate to your existing telecoms lines or calls or broadband.

In most instances companies agree to termed agreements for the supply of business telecoms, this can sometimes include their 08 number provided, sometimes these are from a totally different provider/supplier.

Some still go with British Telecom for everything & so the term must be completed before they can realize the huge savings we can often identify.

We can port (port means transfer) all you BT 08 numbers making changing number provider easy & painless. We always transfer 08 numbers as a seamless process so there is no loss of service.

Move to 08UK and enjoy:-

  • Our fab Free Gift
  • A Reduced Charge/Minute/Bill
  • Or Increased Revenue/Rebate
  • Free Features & IVR
  • Reduced or no monthly Line Rental
  • 30 Day rolling contract terms
  • Free Web Portal Control
  • Free Advanced Online Statistics
  • Referral scheme where you can earn up to £500
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