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0800 0808 Numbers

0800 0808 Numbers

0800 0808 Numbers

So what exactly are these 0800 0808 numbers anyway?

All 0800 0808 numbers are called freephone numbers because it is free to call these numbers from any UK landline or mobile or UK payphone. Ofcom made calls to 0800 and 0808 numbers free to call for mobile callers on 1st July 2015 following 30 years of excessive mobile charging.

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0800 Numbers Most Common Use

Sales and Customer Service or Charity or Government Helplines.

080 numbers are brilliant for business, 0800 & 0808 numbers Get your Phone Ringing.

Five aspects you should expect from a freephone 0800 0808 number service from 08UK:-

1. 0800 Inbound Call Handling

There are many features available to help you to get the most out of your virtual 0800 number or 0808. Many of these come at no extra charge (so are included in the single charge pence rate) call management features you can use to better handle all your calls.

These can be pre-programmed into your call plan & packaged so they are controllable via your online web account.

2. 0800 Detailed Per Second Billing

You will receive an itemised bill monthly which shows the number of calls and minutes received on each 0808 or 0800 number. View the callers CLI & assess your busiest call periods;- average call waiting times, calls abandoned & so much more. We also include a generous bundle in our 080 freephone package.

3. 0800 Contract Free Supply

In many cases we can offer a 30 day rolling contract for your free phone 08 number and we also quote an impressive 99% client retention, customers stay with us because we simply look after their needs & give improved rates where ever possible.

4. Reliable & Resilient 0800 Solution We deliver high call quality (award winning carrier networks) number services, not cheap low quality compressed free phone calls. We target PLC’s & large UK organisations whom rightly insist upon using only major tier1 range holder’s solutions.

5. 0800 Major Tier1 Carrier

We use Virgin, Gamma, Citrus, Vodafone & BT so you can get peace of mind that your 0800 number will be in good hands on a solid reliable robust platform.

2017 Ofcom Announced 0500 With-Drawn. Some 0500 were also free phone up until 2017 but Ofcom ruled that these were causing confusion and so have withdrawn 0500 numbers now.

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