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0800 & 0808 Ofcom Changes Mobile Calls

0800 & 0808 Ofcom Changes Mobile Calls

0800 & 0808 Ofcom Changes Mobile Calls

Finally 0800 and 0808 are free to call from a mobile phone following changes made by Ofcom. As of July 2015 0800 & 0808 were made free to call from ALL UK networks. Prior to July 2015 0800 and 0808 were free phone numbers however, like with all 08 numbers in the UK, mobile callers to 0800/0808 numbers were charged at standard network rates from their mobile phone provider (this used to be 20p/minute) even though the call was being paid for by the number owner, which was frankly ridiculous in our opinion. Having to wait another year from the announcement before the changes were implemented is not good either.

Ofcom finally made Freephone numbers free to call from mobile networks.OFCOM change to 0800 pricing.
0800 & 0808 numbers are now free to call from both landlines and mobiles which took effect following Ofcom changes which were announced and then implemented in July 2015.

The additional charges for calling from a mobile are now picked up/paid for by the 0800 number owner rather than the caller. This is also the case for 1-800 numbers in Ireland which are free to call from landlines and mobiles and is like this in most countries in Europe too.

The changes have increased the 080 bills substantially for owners of 080 numbers who currently pay for the 080 freephone number service.

0800 numbers are rapidly gaining popularity as a result of the Ofcom change making them free to call from mobiles. We strongly recommend you secure your new 0800 while you still can.

For advice you can contact Ofcom on: 0300 123 3333.
Or alternatively visit their website by clicking below.

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