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Disaster Recovery Plan Telecoms

Disaster Recovery Plan Telecoms

Disaster Recovery Plan Telecoms

Disaster Recovery Solutions that allow you to fully control the routing of inbound calls through the call plan that is uploaded on to your numbers via a secure platform works effectively on most line types;- ISDN30 or ISDN2 (including DDIs), PSTN Lines or Single or Multi-line types.

We always recommend that a separate disaster recovery plan is built ready to handle any particular scenario required, the choice of plan is be applied manually to each number or groups of numbers.

If a fault is identified, that is not picked up by the automatic disaster recovery feature you would need to respond by applying a new call plan. Note approximately around 5% of line faults that cannot be detected by the automatic line test feature, it is not 100% so alternate call plans are required.

It is a very useful feature to be able to apply a totally different call plan instantly in the event that a line or power failure/fault occurring at your site/office. In a similar way you can set any complex inbound plan to route certain calls elsewhere on the event that the first destination in the plan is engaged or unanswered, i.e after a number of ring attempts.

Use multi-call plans to ensure you are ready for anything. Applying the correct inbound call control feature to achieve the full inbound call control you require will strengthen your brand and unify your callers experience. It is always better to make the your disaster recovery solution planning on-net i.e on the actual phone number, rather than building any routing solutions as plans on your phone system. Click for more about disaster recovery solutions using inbound cloud call services