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Automated Mid Call Secure Card Payment

Automated Mid Call Secure Card Payment

Automated Mid Call Secure Card Payment

Consumers don’t consider phone payments on cards made over the phone to call centres to be very secure.Consumers want better payment card security.

You can’t blame them really, any agent who chose to keep your bank card details could take them home & sell them or try to use them to purchase goods/services.

Move towards a secure trusted solution for taking card payments today by contacting us, we are 08UK. Consumers do not to have to give their bank details to agents.

PCI Compliant – Customers Pay over the Phone – Using a Secure Card Payment Call Handling Feature - Secure PCI DSS Level-1 Compliant – FSA Regulations.

A cost effective payment solution to further compliment your company. No new hardware is required, we can quickly and easily set up the service, via the tier1 secure 'private cloud' carrier service.

This secure credit card call handling payment feature works in conjunction with existing phone and payment systems and can be used in conjunction with call recording too.

The 08UK Solution
  • Agent answers the Call, Conversation can be Recorded
  • Stop Call Recording & Transfers Caller to IVR
  • The IVR Processes PCI DSS Level-1 Card Payment
  • Then Start Recording & Re-connect the Call to the Agent

Call recording which if activated as a feature is automatically stopped during the input of card details so no data sensitive information could possibly be collected/stored by the recording. The companies agent simply can't hear or access the information entered by the caller, so the caller has the highest level of security available.

This new PCI DSS level-1 compliant hosted call centre call handling feature/solution for card payment by phone will not interact to inform callers of any current balance it simply sends the information to the device which in turn attempts to process & gives an acceptance or rejected response which is then delivered as a message to the caller.

For more details and to speak to us directly call us free now 0800 692 7000 or email new@08uk.co.uk so we can call you back.