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Agent Skill Based Routing

Agent Skill Based Routing

Agent Skill Based Routing

Do you currently route or forward calls to your agents based simply on the availability of that call agents?

Seems logical, because quite simply, it is logical by applying the skills to where they are needed should result in shorter calling times & shorter que waiting times.

Making ‘Agent Skilled Based Routing’ work is easy with a quality IVR solution to prompt callers into the right decision.

We can build this for free for you, prompting callers to advise of their needs e.g press 1 for a password reset, can make a real difference to support processes and waiting times.

However given you add the actual requirements of callers to the mix you can have a wide range of skills required to support all/any potential caller.

Most callers have a simple request for support from an agent but some may have far more complex requirements for support, thus the potential to have better trained agents supporting more complex callers’ needs, is also logical.

Those that do have the easiest queries solvable perhaps with just a tick of a box can be dealt with by the new (still in training agents).

Whilst those callers with more complicated needs can then be best support by your strongest most experienced agents.

We can make that work by prompting the caller to interact to state what their problem is, so they can actual select the skill of the agent they are connected too, based on the options given.

08UK can help you to streamline your call handling using clever features to combine to form a bespoke inbound solution.

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