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08 to I.P SIP Gateway

08 to I.P SIP Gateway

08 to I.P SIP Gateway

Lots of companies are using I.P channels now so need to route their virtual numbers to these voice channels. If you are using any type of I.P Voice solution including;- I.P direct connect, Assured Voice or S.I.P gateways they are all no problem when it comes to routing calls from any of our numbers.

We need a 01 or 02 number, also known as sip gateway number, to route our 08/09 or 03 number calls to. Your I.P provider will have to give you these numbers. You can in fact arrange for the equivalent of a ddi range any number of which we can also route to directly.

Note setting other active features on-net (on the 08,09 or 03 number directly like routing on failover, on engaged, or on dead tone feature) can lead to problems, these are often then dealt with on a pbx rather than on-net. Faults on I.P can be difficult to trace so routing to I.P can sometimes not be quite as straight forward as it should appear to be.

We can/do offer I.P voice lines/channels ourselves now , but only through the industry award winning carrier, Gamma Telecom. For more on our VOIP solutions click here.

Be aware of crackling, distortion, echo & calls being dropped when using I.P lines, although the technology has moved forward in recent years, some are still reporting problems using it.

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