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Bespoke Business Voice

Bespoke Business Voice

Bespoke Business Voice

In three words describe what does your organisation do, what business services does 08UK actually perform?

Easy… in 3 words, we supply ‘Bespoke Business Voice’ solutions. Exactly as described we can create bespoke any kind of voice/call solution inbound or outbound voice.

Inbound means of course call handling routing callers to lines, handsets, mobiles, to people where their needs can be best supported. ‘Bespoke Business Voice or BBV’ means what is says, each solution we offer is tailor made from a selection of advanced call handling features.

08UK’s ‘BBV’ solutions are created uniquely as stand-alone voice plans and are built bespoke to the specific needs our of clients. The future is here today, ‘BBV’ means tailoring our solution around your voice needs not the other way round.

Our Inbound Non Geographic numbers range from 0800 through to premium rate 0906.

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